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DuPage County, with a population of 932,000, is a well‐developed community in metropolitan Chicago and is expected to exceed a population of one million within a decade. With anticipated growth and ongoing transportation needs, the County will work with the community to create its first Long Range Transportation Plan. The DuPage Connects LRTP is correlative to the GO TO 2040 Plan, and will be useful in amending future MPO plans. DuPage Connects will govern transportation policies and practices at the County through the year 2040 in order to set a fiscally responsible course over the next 25 years. This work will include an examination of revenues, expenditures, policies and practices related to transportation assets and facilities. Altogether, this work will convey a vision and a mission for the DuPage County Division of Transportation and help ensure a sustainable and vibrant quality of life for residents and businesses across our community.


  • DuPage County includes 32 municipalities, with 87% of the population
  • Only about 13% of the population resides in Unincorporated DuPage County
  • DuPage County maintains:
    • Over 220 centerline and 960 lane‐miles of roadway that often pass through municipal boundaries
    • Almost 200 miles of sidewalk
    • Over 50 miles of multi‐use trails
    • Almost 350 signals and 50 signal systems
  • DuPage County is part of regional Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and is a partner with its governing agency CMAP. The County has participated in CMAP’s GO TO 2040 Comprehensive Regional Plan process and supports its overall mission for the region.